Rules & Regulations, general

The following rules and regulations apply to the entire Ogden Falls subdivision and are maintained by the Ogden Falls Master Board Homeowners Association as well as enforced by the Board and Management Company with the exception of Village of Oswego rules, regulations, and ordnances that are enforced by the Village of Oswego. See bottom of this page for details on HOA enforcement actions.

  1. No swimming pools or hot tubs allowed in the Association on common areas or in yards. Children’s wading pools that are less than five (5) feet in diameter are permitted in the yards; the Board of Directors may use their discretion when determining what is considered a wading pool.
  2. No recreational equipment is allowed on common areas or in front or side yards. Recreational equipment includes, but not limited to, trampolines, play sets, swing sets, sand boxes, etcetera. The Board of Directors may use their desecration to determine what is considered recreational equipment.
  3. No sheds are allowed in the Association, on common areas or in yards.
  4. No trailers, jet skis, boats, dirt bikes, snow mobiles or unlicensed vehicles are allowed to be parked in the driveways, on the side of the units or in the yard. These items must be stored in the garage at all times.
  5. Parking – Parking is prohibited on Homeowners Association streets in areas where “NO PARKING” signs are posted and all parking in alleys is prohibited as narrow width of alleys will not accommodate emergency vehicle response with parked cars present. No Unit Owner or Unit Owner’s family members, guests, tenants, occupants, or invitees may park any vehicle on the Community Area grass or lawns, nor in any alleys. Vehicles parked in driveway must have all wheels on permanent hard surface of driveway so as not to damage lawn. With the exception of alleys Street parking rules are determined, supervised and enforced by the Village of Oswego Police Department. For more information on parking ordinances please visit:
  6. Reckless driving of any motorized vehicle, scooter, or bike will not be permitted on association streets or in alleys.
  7. Single Family Homes and Townhomes must have Homeowners Insurance for an amount no less than full replacement value.
  8. Homeowners must obtain written approval from the Board of Directors PRIOR to any tents, inflatable bouncers, slides, pools, etcetera being erected on common areas. Failure to obtain permission for erecting any of these items PRIOR to erecting will be an automatic $50.00 fine.
  9. The owner of a pet is completely responsible for their animal's actions and for cleaning up after their pet. See Rules pertaining to pets on the Ogden Falls Homeowners Website for more details.
  10. Owners shall not dump or throw snow from their property into community alley.

Enforcement – If a Unit Owner, his tenant or a visitor is found to have violated one of the above rules the owner of the property is liable for any violation of any provisions of the Declaration, By-Laws or Rules & Regulations of the Association, the following shall occur:
    1. There will be no fine for first violation; the owner will be notified of violation, in writing.
    2. The fine for the second violation will be thirty dollars ($30.00).
    3. Every subsequent violation(s) will result in a fine that increases $30.00 for each violation ($60.00
        for the third violation, $90.00 for the fourth, etc.).
    4. Fines are in addition to the cost to repair any damages that may have resulted from the
        violation; fines and repair cost will be assessed to the Unit Owner’s account as Common Expense.