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We are a beautiful and thriving community located approximately 35 miles Southwest of Chicago in the village of Oswego, Illinois where route 30 and 34 intersect. Ogden Falls consists of 162 single family homes, 30 condominiums and 128 town homes with a population of approximately 1,000. Our community is ideally located in close proximity to schools, shopping, village services, and rail transportation to Chicago.  

***This site has been developed to keep the community of Ogden Falls updated to the happenings in the neighborhood. This is a private community website. In order to access all the pages you must first sign in. This information is only used to verify that you are a homeowner in one of the 320 residences of Ogden Falls. 

   Ogden Falls Bulletin Board   

April 20, 2017
The Pond pumps are all up and running with Gazebo repaired for the 2017 season. Enjoy!

April 19, 2017 Spring 2017 Ogden Falls Homeowners Association Walkthrough
On Tuesday April 11th 2017 a few members of the Board accompanied a representative from the management company on a complete walkthrough of the subdivision. All in all the Ogden Falls subdivision looked good and we think the practice of a minimum of two formal walkthroughs a year has improved the overall appearance of Ogden Falls and plan to continue this program. We found some issues that require attention in the townhomes that the management company and/or townhome Board will resolve with a few instances of issues that owner is responsible for who will receive letters with details. In respect to the single family homes the management company will be sending out courtesy letters to homeowners detailing specific issues requesting they be resolved.

In general we observed some driveways in need of replacement, some moss growing on siding that needs to be removed, some trim needing paint or repair, some items stored on decks or on side of house that needs to go in garage out of sight, and a few roofs with missing shingles from wind damage that need replacing. In the alleys we noticed several homes that do not have house numbers on their garages that could present problems for fire and/or emergency vehicles responding to a call. We request that all owners ensure their homes are clearly identified with house number unobstructed by trees or bushes that can be easily seen from a vehicle driving down street or in alley.

Please take the time to inspect your property as I am sure we may have missed many things that need your attention or your standards for appearance may be higher than ours. Understand if you receive a letter from Management Company the intent of this letter is to help you improve the overall appearance of your property and the entire subdivision. Also these letters are sent out to absentee property owners to assist them in maintaining the appearance of their property. Thank you for your participation in making the Ogden Falls Subdivision a place we are all proud of.

April 4, 2017 Muskrat in Pond
The Muskrat in the West retention pond was eliminated only to find it had a friend living in the East Pond by the Gazebo. A second baited trap was set and it too was eliminated a couple of days after the trap was in place. Work is under way to repair the damage to the bank by the Gazebo and hopefully we have no more unwanted inhabitants doing damage to the pond.

Mar 22, 2017 - Muskrat in Pond

Don’t be alarmed by the floating object in the West retention pond. It is a trap intended to eliminate a Muskrat that has been living and destroying the banks of the pond. We have only spotted one of these destructive little guys thus far but will leave the floating trap in place until we are sure the pond no longer has guests.


February 10, 2017 - Update on Sidewalk/ Streetlight transfer

The legitimacy of petition signatures has been reviewed, deemed acceptable and passed to the Village of Oswego along with appropriate fee’s and required paperwork by Ogden Falls Homeowners Association lawyer and the Village is reviewing paperwork for the transfer of subdivisions sidewalks and street lights. The Board will continue to keep you apprised of progress.

In respect to the one inoperative street light on Waterbury Circle that has been out for awhile the issue is much more complicated than just changing a light bulb. The Village attempted to repair the light but found it had no power going to the pole. In investigating the problem it is possible that the electric power line was somehow severed when new cable was being installed for subdivision. At this time the Village, the management company, and the Board have requested the cable contractor to please check into this. We would hope that we hear something early next week and as soon as a determination is made on why light has no power the responsible party will proceed with repairs to the light. Again, The Board will keep you informed on the progress of this issue.

January 30, 2017 - Reminder and Heads up

The streets of the Ogden Falls subdivision are now the responsibility of the village and they maintain them as well provide snow removal services. The alleys continue to be the responsibility of the Master Homeowners Association and they are responsible for all maintenance and snow removal services. The petition that was signed has been submitted to the Village on sidewalks and street lamps and in the process of being transferred to the Village of Oswego. The Board will keep you appraised on the progress of this transfer.

All residents should be aware the Village of Oswego police department is patrolling the subdivision and writing parking tickets for illegal parking. Please observe rules pertaining to where you park as well as overnight and snow related parking restrictions. Parking rules for the streets are per Village of Oswego and enforced per those regulations. Parking in the alleys is restricted to driveways only and no parking is allowed in the alleys other than in your driveway.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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